Our paper on a fundamental plane in X-ray binary activity of external galaxies is accepted by PASJ.

Title: A fundamental plane in X-ray binary activity of external galaxies.
Authors: Yoshiyuki Inoue, Kiyoto Yabe, Yoshihiro Ueda

We construct a new catalog of extragalactic X-ray binaries (XRBs) by matching the latest Chandra source catalog with local galaxy catalogs. Our XRB catalog contains 4430 XRBs hosted by 237 galaxies within $\sim130$ Mpc. As XRBs dominate the X-ray activity in galaxies, the catalog enables us to study the correlations between the total X-ray luminosity of a galaxy, star formation rate, and stellar mass. We find that there is a fundamental plane in those three parameters. In order to investigate this relation, we construct a phenomenological binary population synthesis model. We find that the high mass XRB and low mass XRB fraction in formed compact object binary systems is $\sim 9$% and $\sim0.04$%, respectively. Utilizing the latest XMM-Newton, and Swift X-ray source catalog data sets, additional XRB candidates are also found resulting in 5757 XRBs hosted by 311 galaxies.

Catalog data is available from this link.